Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MR Aku

Siapa Aku?
Di mana Aku?
Kenapa Aku?
Berdosakah Aku?
Kembalikan kepadAku.
Mampukah Aku?
Berikan kepadAku.
Ampunilah Aku.

MR HolyDay

It's Langkawi again.. hehe.. this time i'll bring all of my family members including my sister in law together with her cute son. We'll depart on 17hb Nov at 4.20 p.m so i guest we have to take cab to go to LCCT by 12-1 p.m. I've decided to book MPv at the airport as we arrived there. I'm looking for Innova/Serena because all together we have 8 numbers of member.. This is my 5th visit to Langkawi so i did not know where to bring them to. We'll staying at BNM Sri Kijang which is a very nice resort by BNM. Today is the last day before we have our holiday at Langkawi. We'll going back on Friday 19hb Nov by AA flight at 5.45 p.m.. Looking forward for tomorrow.. Chow!

Monday, November 8, 2010

MR Nyamuk

Holaa!! Today I want to talk about Nyamuk. Have u experienced been 'kene kacau' by nyamuk while u driving to work in the morning. Very irritating kan? Sometime 2 or 3 ekor nyamuk will fyling inside ur car and disturbing u.. n u will clapping ur hand like 'org gile'.. hehe.. Ape yg mempelikkan ialah how the hell the nyamuks2 can go inside ur car when ur car's doors n windows completely shut dengan elok? Pelik kan? hehe.. thats for now.. chow!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MR Side Mirror

Damn.. what a day.. yesterday at 7.30pm my car was bang by a Mat Rempit on my way to home.. luckily only the mirror was broken and not the whole set. Bengang pun ade.. I've to wait to get the pricing for the mirror from Honda.. Hopefully i just can replace the mirror without have to change the whole set.. Today I have to go to Cyberjaya so sempat ke x g Honda ni.. Last night I went to 3 'Kedai Aksesori' but they have no stock as they said that they only have mirror for Wira.. haishhhh..